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Bogomir Ecker:
Man ist nie allein /
You’re Never Alone

With texts by Claudia Banz, Hubertus Gaßner and Uwe M. Schneede

German / English
Hardcover with dust jacket
23 x 32 cm
246 pages
222 color and 138 b/w illustrations
40.00 Euro


The sculptor Bogomir Ecker deals with the phenomena of technology and communication as the formative impulses of our society in his works. Simple forms reminiscent of industrial products, machine parts, and defamiliarized everyday objects encounter forms from nature such as ice and meteorites, black holes, and membranes. The enigmatic, the magic of the thing, becomes visible within the apparent comprehensibility of a rationally deciphered reality.

In the artist’s book You’re Never Alone, Bogomir Ecker interlocks installations and sculptures from the last 25 years. A comprehensive chronology combines descriptions of his works, quotations, and personal documents. The book collects material and makes the continuity of understanding visible. It is an arsenal comprising media, machines, and other tools—and is moreover the first comprehensive monograph of Ecker’s works.

Three authors observe his oeuvre from the outside looking in: Uwe M. Schneede illuminates the interventions and controlled experiments in two groups of works and describes the realization of Ecker's complex installation Die Tropfsteinmaschine (The Dripstone Machine) in the Hamburg Kunsthalle, in which he was engaged. Based on the Prototypen (Prototypes), Hubertus Gaßner explains how Bogomir Ecker uses methods of scientific observation to construct his own image of the world. Claudia Banz analyzes the visual trails that Bogomir Ecker lays out, and the ever-recurring motif of the inner and outer ear.